US strikes Pakistan again and again and again

IssueNovember 2008
News by Gabriel Carlyle

US terrorism against Pakistan continues. Up to 21 people (including two women and a child) were killed in a US drone attack on 3 October; three were killed in a suspected US missile attack on 11 October; and at least nine people were killed in a US missile attack on a Pakistani madrassa in North Waziristan on 22 October.

The 22 October strikes came just hours after the Pakistani parliament passed a unanimous resolution demanding an end to US attacks. The resolution said: “The nation stands united against any incursions and invasions of the homeland.”

Talks not strikes

The unanimous parliamentary resolution also called for talks with “extremists” within Pakistan as the highest priority.

Such negotiations should, however, only be pursued with those elements willing to follow the constitution and the rule of law, according to the resolution.

63 million sign petition

The parliamentary resolution followed the news that almost 63 million Pakistanis – a third of the nation – had signed an anti-terrorism petition. This is believed to be the largest petition in history, outdoing the 24 million-strong Jubilee 2000 petition against developing-world debt.

The campaign was funded by Indonesian and British Muslims.