Refugee power

IssueJuly - August 2008
Feature by John Rety

This picture by Milein Cosman, Flight, shows her concern for peace. The refugee: the universal victim; her uptilted chin shows the determination to overcome her plight and to retain dignity. This drawing was chosen by the artist for Peace News, coinciding with Refugee Week. She herself came to England in 1939 from Germany.
There is a chance to see the works of one of our best emigre painters, exhibited at Burgh House, London (until 29 June). They show two things, firstly this is what painting and drawing was and is about; secondly that refugees with their various talents have greatly benefited and are still benefiting our society. A powerful painting is of her late husband Hans Keller, the foremost musicologist in Britain, who also came to England as a refugee from Austria but was interned, on the Isle of Man despite being an anti fascist .

Topics: Culture, Refugees