Environmental action

IssueApril - May 2024
Dance protest outside Lloyds of London, 26 February. Photo: Mothers Rise Up
News by PN staff

We only have room for some court reports this issue but there has been quite a bit of climate action in the last two months. 

We will just mention the ‘Insure Our Future’ Global Week of Action against insurance companies, which saw more than 57 events in 31 countries from 26 February – 3 March, including a classical dance protest outside Lloyds of London on 26 February (see above).

The most high-profile case was Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (21) being acquitted by Westminster magistrates court on 2 February, with Peter Baker (59), Christofer Kebbon (19), Jeff Rice (57) and Joshua James Unwin (32).

A judge threw out the public order case, relating to the Oily Money Out protests (PN 2669).

Many climate trials involve causing a public nuisance ‘contrary to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022’, maximum penalty: 10 years.

One exception was the 1 March conviction of five XR women of criminal damage. 

Stephanie Aylett (29), Pamela Bellinger (66), Amy Pritchard (38), Adelheid Russenberger (32) and Rosemary Webster (66), broke a glass door and a large glass panel at the London offices of the major bank JP Morgan on 1 September 2021. 

They will be sentenced at Inner London crown court on 7 June.

Public nuisance cases include Cressie Gethin (22), convicted on 19 February at Isleworth crown court for climbing up a motorway gantry above the M25 on 20 July 2022. She will be sentenced on 3 May .

On 7 March, after a three-week trial, seven Insulate Britain activists were found guilty of causing a public nuisance by blocking roads close to junction 31 of the M25 on 13 September 2021. 

The seven were: David Crawford (70), Janine Eagling (63), Louise Lancaster (58), Nicholas Onley (61), Rob Stuart (42), Nicholas Till (68) and Biff Whipster (56).

Four people had pleaded guilty earlier: Donald Bell (68), Gabriella Ditton (30), Stefania Morosi (46) and Tim Speers (38).

They will all be sentenced at Reading crown court on 19 April.

On 21 March, five JSO tunnellers were found guilty of causing a public nuisance at Basildon crown court.

Joe Howlett (33), Samuel Johnson (40), Larch Maxey (51) and Autumn Wharrie (61) occupied tunnels under a road near the Navigator Oil Terminal in Thurrock, Essex, in August 2022. They will be sentenced in June. 

Adani kills protest
A coalition of climate action groups brought 150 people to protest inside the Science Museum in London on 23 March. Coalminer and military manufacturer Adani is sponsoring a new gallery. Photo: Andrea Domeniconi via Extinction Rebellion