Image‘Brexit for anarchists’ (PN 2634–2635) by PN’s editor leaves a lot unsaid.

At the time of the EU referendum, I was still writing a regular personal column for PN and in the teeth of a seemingly unanimous phalanx of pinkish-liberal-leftists in favour of remaining, I used my column to argue for leaving.

As a pacifist anarchist – and non-voter – I was aware that this point of view wasn’t presented in any outlets of the establishment media, despite considerable efforts on my part.

I took it for granted though, that readers of PN would be sympathetic to the case, which I don’t wish to reiterate here.

However, I hoped my column would stimulate discussion and hoped/expected some response in the letters column of PN and maybe even some editorial support.

In the event, not a word from either.

Peace in our time