Are they usable?

ImageMil Rai is correct to underline nuclear threats  made by major powers to the South. But I  think that Mil should also ask why, when push  comes to shove, as in the Vietnam debacle and humiliation, the US  for instance  found itself  politically unable to use its nuclear arsenal. Are these horrors usable weapons at all?
However, 16 pages of Peace News and not a  mention of Trident replacement.  Please do better next time. Getting rid of Trident and thus kick-starting global abolition negotiations is a real current possibility. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Bruce Kent, London

Racist issue

If a newspaper came through my letterbox proudly announcing that it was produced ‘By Whites Only’, I would denounce it as racist filth, set it on fire and encourage my friends to do the same. How, then, am I to react when the latest issue of Peace News proclaims it is created ‘entirely by people of colour’ ?

ImageMy initial reaction to your boast was one of abject horror. It was racist. Is the implication that a coloured-only creative team is better than a white-only or mixed race one? Of course not. (Or rather, I should hope not.) But I feel this mentality falls into a trap all too common among many left-wing, right-on groups at the moment.

A good example here is Equal Exchange, the Fairtrade coffee suppliers, who have recently started labelling their coffee as ‘Grown By Women’. Hardly a shining example of ‘equality’. Surely Fairtrade exists to provide fair wages and equal opportunities to farmers and workers in third world countries? Unless they’re men, it would seem.

Perhaps the most dangerous element to this is that it creates – or at least enforces – the idea of division. That men are different from women. The root cause of any intolerance or prejudice, be it racism, homophobia, sexism, or anything of that ilk is the fundamental idea that there is a difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

By declaring that your newspaper is ‘created entirely by people of colour’, you are making a statement, which ultimately enforces the idea that being ‘coloured’ is in some way different than being white.

I have no doubt that your intentions were entirely noble, and done in the pursuit of equality and multiculturalism. But you have failed. You have emphasised the divide, and in doing so become part of everything you oppose.

Buck your ideas up!

Racist issue 2

ImageYour triumphant heading, ‘an issue created entirely by people of colour’, suggests that people of colour (other than pink) are a special interest group. It may be said to imply, that everyone knows that pink people are superior to brown people, but nobody says so for fear of causing offence.

It is illogical and unpleasant, to segregate journal contributions according to the colour of the authors’ skins. You should be ashamed of yourselves.