Features in issue 2448

About artwork and activism

by Matt Mahlen

French artist and antimilitarist Matt Mahlen offers a personal reflection on life, work, and identity, and what "culture and resistance" means to him.

Recovering WRI's history: storytelling with a purpose

by Mitzi Bales

In our activist communities we both pass on vital information, and develop our cultural landscape, through telling stories - whether it's "round the peace camp fire", or in a more formal way. Mitzi Bales reports on the War Resisters' International's project aimed at preserving our culture through storytelling.

Music in our message

by PN staff

In the US young antimilitarist are producing a magazine called AWOL, with a focus on hip-hop and radical culture.

Creating a culture of peace: one less weapon at a time

by Theresa Wolfwood

During the G8 meeting in Canada, Theresa Wolfwood met and talked with former child soldier Albino Forquilha, coordinator of the Mozambican Transforming Arms into Ploughshares project. Their conclusion? Maintaining a culture of peace requires an economic solution.