Features in issue 2451

Rice to the starving people of North Korea!

by Bae Young-Hwan

While all the attention is focused on North Korea's nuclear issues, Bae Young-Hwan from the Korean Women's News reports on a grassroots, women-led campaign to provide practical assistance and to build bridges between North and South.

A young movement in search of direction

by Andreas Speck

Conscientious objection in South Korea

Moving into the future: building peace in North-East Asia

by James Reilly

Asian "tigers", nuclear weapons and US militarism meet migrant workers, peace activists and conscientious objectors. James Reilly introduces this issue's theme.

Tokyo rising

by Paul Arenson

We are very pleased to welcome Japan Indymedia and TokyoProgressive to the pages of Peace News as this issue's visiting media. Along with an introduction to both of these web-based publishing forums, there is also brief overview of the development of alternative media in Japan and how it serves the activist community.

Martin Luther King gave me a dream for Korea

by Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee fled his homeland as a 19-year-old in 1950 and found himself at the heart of the US civil rights movement in the Sixties. Here he speaks about his work for reconciliation between North and South Korea.