Comments in issue 2451

Justifying violence

by Beena Sarwar

Writing from Pakistan, Beena Sarwar believes that violence has become a part of our daily discourse, internalised and accepted as a norm - dictating terms in the region, justifying increased military spending and reducing the pressure to seek other options.

A cautionary tale from Kosovar women to the women of Iraq

by Igo Rugova

In 1999, following ten years of repression by Serb authorities and ten weeks of NATO-led war, the United Nations began operating a civilian administration in Kosov@. Igo Rugova sends a message to the women of Iraq about the post-war challenges faced by local groups when the "internationals" arrive.

An end in sight?

by Keith Goddard

Writing from Harare, Keith Goddard, from Gays and Lesbians Zimbabwe, reflects on the long list of political and practical problems facing ordinary Zimbabweans, why "they" aren't out on the streets in outrage and how the international community may, or may not, help

Democracy in Northern Ireland

by Rob Fairmichael

With yet another pause in the Northern Irish peace process, Rob Fairmichael puts forward the case for nonviolent responses and "democratic insurrection".