Features in issue 2456

In defence of people, animals and nature ... and ourselves!

by Andrew Rose

Activists often experience traumatic events: violence expressed towards themselves or towards third parties, or the fear and anxiety that can develop as a result of new and threatening situations. Minor physical injuries are common, but the long-term impact of trauma on activists has only recently begun to be discussed. Websites such as Healing Trauma (http://healingtrauma.pscap.org/) and groups such as the Aubonne Bridge network (http://www.aubonnebridge.net/) have started to provide materials and create spaces for activists to deal with trauma in the face of increasing repression. Starhawk has published some useful texts on this topic: See http://www.starhawk.org/activism/activism.html

A stone in their shoe

by Abbie Fielding-Smith

How can a small organisation committed to nonviolence affect the outcome of their encounters with government forces? Abbie Fielding-Smith reports on the tactics used by Peace Brigades International in their dealings with military and police authorities on the ground.

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