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MSP jailed

Central Scotland MSP Carolyn Leckie was sentenced to seven days imprisonment for refusing to pay a £100 fine for taking part in a blockade of Faslane naval base back in February 2002. Jane Tallents from Trident Ploushshares, commented, “Sadly, while the vast majority of our politicians in Scotland are shamefully silent and inactive about Britain’s weapons of mass destruction at Faslane, there are brilliant exceptions like Carolyn.” A major blockade of Faslane will take place on 4 July, just two days before the G8 summit begins at Gleneagles.

Wasted science

A new report by Dr Chris Langley for Scientists for Global Responsibility details the pervasive military presence within science and technology. The military concentrates its programmes largely on weapons-based research, which diverts such study away from actually understanding and handling the roots and causes of conflict. The report argues that a more balanced funding of science and technology that includes more resources directed towards solving global environmental and social problems would have greater benefits, including in terms of global security.

Topics: Anti-militarism