Comments in issue 2480-81

A new strategic focus for the peace movement?

by Andreas Speck

On 3 November, the National Audit Office released its report on "Recruitment and Retention in the Armed Forces". While most of the mainstream media focused on the "Two-thirds of teenagers too fat to be soldiers" story, peace activists should read this report very critically. It gives us an idea of what lengths the armed forces will go to in the future to fill their ranks - and what we need to respond to. Andreas Speck reports.

64 down, 301 to go

by Anna-Linnea Rundberg

As the government outlines a timetable to replace Trident, resistance at Faslane, where the world's "biggest penis enlargement" is deployed, continues. Despite traditional Scottish west coast weather, a great number of people have been singing, dancing, blockading, drinking tea, camping, playing, running around and, of course, sitting down at the gates of Faslane. Our special correspondent, Anna-Linnea Rundberg, reports from nearby Helensburgh.

Thinking local, acting global

by Ian Taylor

A new nation-wide survey of the anti-war movement reveals the municipal character of locally based anti-war groups. Researcher Ian Taylor explains the report's findings.

A month of action against occupation and war

by Jenny Gaiawyn

Whilst the world turned its attention to Lebanon over the summer, the Israeli military were as busy as ever in Gaza; more than 400 Palestinians were killed, with 1000s injured; 150 buildings were completely destroyed, including homes - leaving many hundreds homeless - and essential infrastructure including a main power station, roads and bridges targeted. Individuals, groups and coalitions around the world have taken action in protest over the last month. Jenny Gaiawyn reports.