Features in issue 2487-88

On Revolution and Equilibrium

by Barbara Deming

A classic pacifist statement from the US, 1968

Political Refugees

by John Enefer

John Enefer considers what prompted him to support his local Kurdish community

Coming in from the Cold

by John Rety

Fortress Europe forces an anarchist to abandon statelessness after sixty years

A Voice from Palestine

by PN staff, Zoughbi Zoughbi

Zoughbi Zoughbi, the director of Wi'am, the Palestinian Conflict Resolution Centre in Bethlehem, is touring the UK this month. We talked to Zoughbi shortly before he left Palestine, first asking him to describe his activities in the previous 24 hours.

Challenging nonviolence - part 1

by Milan Rai, Derrick Jensen

PN interviews critic of pacifism, Derrick Jensen.