News in brief

Remembering Ilya

Vigil outside Russian Embassy for Ilya Bodoraenko, 21, an anarchist and environmental activist from the group Autonomous Action, who died in hospital after being brutally attacked by Russian fascists at an anti-nuclear camp on 21 July. The environmentalist camp, organised by “Ecological Wave of Baikal”, was a protest against the nuclear enrichment plant in the Siberian city of Angarsk. More than 15 neo-nazis attacked the 21 campers with iron bars, knives, and pneumatic pistols, and burnt down their tents. War Resisters' International has been raising funds to support the injured campers. WRI: 020 7278 4040 or

Remembering Iraq

On 30 July, WWII merchant navy veteran and 1991 Gulf Peace Team camper Richard Crump, 87, marked 16 years of his weekly Whitehall vigil for Iraq. Originally a demonstration against the economic sanctions on Iraq, the vigil has continued as a protest against the US/UK occupation - and against the entire “war on terror”. Most Mondays, Richard can be found at the corner of Whitehall and Parliament Square between 12noon and 2pm.