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Cor Gobaith: Chorus of Hope

It's Sisyphean, this peace and justice task. No matter how many of us protest by every means possible, the British government just goes ahead and plunges us into war, just goes ahead and replaces Trident, just goes ahead... Hopeless.

Not according to Susie Ennals from Aberystwyth who decided to make her voice heard - in song. When the going gets tough, the tough get Gregorian! So last year Susie started Côr Gobaith (Choir of Hope). Within months the choir was performing regularly on the street to protest against the Iraq war.

In late 2006 Côr Gobaith sang at the Troops Out demonstration in Manchester and later as part of the Wales day at Faslane 365. By 13 October 2007, Côr Gobaith was giving a concert at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, highlighting the power of song in bringing about social change.

`The great thing,' says scintillating soprano Lotte Reimer, `is that activists who didn't know they could sing are singing and singers who could find no outlet for their political frustrations are out there' - with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts. So, roll away the stone!