Issue: 2487-88

July - August 2007



By Milan Rai, Emily Johns

On 23 August, many anarchists will mark the 80th anniversary of the execution by electric chair of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two working class (male) Italian anarchist immigrants to the United States, whose fate seized the world's atte

In this column we share readers' experiences of juggling the washing up, saving the world, childcare, studies, earning a living, creative expression and relationships. The rigours of activism place stresses on relationships of all kinds.

By Jeff Cloves

Over 20 years ago I came down from St Albans by hired coach to take part in a demonstration at the US bomber base at Fairford.

By Libby Bove

Libby Bove writes about the political artist and activist whose work has inspired her during her recent college studies.

By Sacha Wilkes (10)

All morning my mind was flowing with thoughts about the Westminster Interfaith Pilgrimage my parents had told me about. Thoughts such as; `What will I learn out of it? What was going to happen?

By Sonia Azad

My name is Sonia, I am 12 years old and I am a Muslim. 5 years ago I formed a group called children against the war.

By Rona Drennan

A view from the crest of the wave

By Rona Drennan

“Our aim is to support activists in educating themselves in the issues which confront those struggling for peace and justice”.

By Genny Bove

Since Wrexham Against War(now Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum) came into being in 2002, we've made a conscious effort to document what we do - through photographs, saved press releases, a website and our newsletter.

By Jesse Schust

When I arrived at the test centre, I wasn't worried at all.

By Daniel Guedalla

The extraordinary artwork that you see here was created in the most difficult of circumstances: inside Belmarsh high security prison in south-east London between 2001 and 2005 by one of several individuals who were at the time interned without tri

By John Enefer

John Enefer considers what prompted him to support his local Kurdish community

By John Rety

Fortress Europe forces an anarchist to abandon statelessness after sixty years

By Chris Gwyntopher

Forced to leave their homes to escape war, persecution, starvation, disease and environmental disaster, thousands are denied the legal right to work or claim state benefits in Britain.

By Martin Newell

Coventry Peace House is a housing co-op, a shelter, a base for community projects in Coventry, and a centre for campaigning.