Issue: 2484

April 2007


By Emily Johns, Milan Rai


By Milan Rai

What is Trident for?

By Michael Shank, Noam Chomsky

Shank: With similar nuclear developments in North Korea and Iran, why has the United States pursued direct diplomacy with North Korea but refuses to do so with Iran?

By The Mole

The Home Office's spin doctors must be feeling pleased with themselves, given the way so much of the media fell for a lot of absolute nonsense just recently.

By Jeff Cloves

Just after Christmas, Audrey came by the Saturday morning peace vigil (where I sell PN) in Stroud High Street. It was the last time I saw her.

About: Shell to Sea is a grassroots campaign in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

By Dharma Adhikari, Milan Rai

How would you describe the state of democracy in Nepal one year on from the jana andolan II?

By Gabriel Carlyle, Hans von Sponeck

PN: In February 2000, after more than 30 years of working for the UN you resigned to protest the sanctions on Iraq. Why?

By Voices in the Wilderness

To mark the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, groups worldwide engaged in anti-war actions between 17 and 20 March - from mass marches and vigils naming the dead, to protests outside military recruitment centres.

By Kat Barton

Seven British doctors recently embarked on a 10-day visit to the Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre in Gaza to spend time with Palestianian doctors and medical students.

By Sami Rasouli

“Salam”, the Arabic word for peace, is both a friendly greeting and the goal of the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) in Iraq. “Salaam is not just a greeting...

By Milan Rai

A number of polls have been conducted in Iraq to mark the fourth anniversary of the invasion, demonstrating enormous and growing hostility to the occupation.

By Kathy Kelly

While in Amman, Jordan, in January, I received a joyful phone call from friends in Baghdad announcing that one of their daughters was engaged. Broken Arabic and broken English crossed the lines-”We love you! We miss you!”

By Sareena Rai

The demonstrations had been going for a couple of days, and my middle class ass was feeling impatient to join "the masses" and engage in the united protests against over 230 years of medieval tyranny in Nepal.

By Emma Sangster

The week of anti-Trident demonstrations in mid-March saw arrests made under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA) both outside parliament and at Aldermaston.

By Gill Allmond, Mark Chapman

The rather lacklustre Northern Ireland Assembly elections on 7 March saw parties talking a lot about “bread and butter” issues, in particular the forthcoming introduction of a new water rate for NI.

By Emily Johns, Milan Rai