What’s under the bed?


At MayDay Rooms archives in Fleet Street in London, as part of our Activist Media Project, we’ve just started a new collection and exhibition called ‘For peace!’ 

We are collecting materials and stories from live and historical campaigns working for peace. We want to create an inspiring open-access archive showing a wide range of campaigns and movements. 

Peace groups, demilitarisation activities, anti-militarist campaigns, feminist responses to war, anti-war mobilisations, pacifist education are just some examples of what we’re looking for. 

We want leaflets, interviews, oral histories, newspapers, videos, films, banners, stencils to be made available online and in a touring exhibition. 

No contribution is too small! 

We will favour campaigns active within our lifetimes, but would be happy to consider materials dating all the way back to the opposition to the First World War. 

The geographical focus is Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but we are also interested in international and transnational campaigns. 

All the material will be available online freely permanently and we’re going to exhibit some of the physical materials in a couple of exhibitions in 2025, in London and Glasgow. 

Spread the word, get in touch and be well!

Rastko Novaković, coordinator of Activist Media Project, London

Editor's response:

Email amp@maydayrooms.org. MayDay Rooms also have a phone number for non-email folk. They are on 020 3691 5230 – ed

7 October debate


With reference to the letter from Miriam Moss (PN 2670), I do not accept that anything coming from IDF, Israeli government or any other source in Israel is credible. After all, they say there is no evidence of genocide.

I am a recent subscriber to Peace News, and I am very impressed.

Margaret Forbes, Blanefield