Comments in issue 2670

A futile war

by Milan Rai

US/UK airstrikes on Houthis could condemn Yemen to famine and endless war

Ukrainian war formula

by PN staff

Switzerland to host phony ‘Peace Formula’ conference this year

‘Israel, stop killing’ says World Court

by Milan Rai

World Court’s legally-binding order to Israel is a historic first, but still has flaws

French voices for peace often suppressed

by Marc Morgan

Meetings banned, peace campaigner faces charges

Sit-in planned for high court

by PN staff

Protest to challenge removal of legal defence used by Palestine campaigners

France vs immigrants

by Marc Morgan

Marc Morgan examines Emmanuel Macron's capitulation to the far-right

Climate direct action - 16 JSO acquittals

by PN staff

150,000 sign petition opposing deportation of German climate activist

‘Workers for Palestine’ blockade UK arms factories

by PN staff

New solidarity group takes action in Bournemouth, Brighton, Blackburn and Glasgow

Palestine Action

by PN staff

Acquittals, victories and more actions

PN raises £3,800 for Gaza

by Gabriel Carlyle

#CeasefireNow badges distributed at peace protests