Features in issue 2670

Can XR’s surprise success in the Netherlands be repeated elsewhere?

by Douglas Rogers

From Waging Nonviolence: how European climate movements are copying a major Dutch civil disobedience victory

I Neva Shot de Sheriff

by Benjamin Zephaniah

A poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

Putin’s latest peace feelers

by Milan Rai

Russia 'ready to make a deal', reports New York Times

Why I am an Anarchist

by Benjamin Zephaniah

A 2019 article by Benjamin Zephaniah

UK surveillance over Gaza

by Chris Cole

Is the UK providing the Israels military with drone-gathered intelligence?

Gaza: the UK role

by PN staff

How one British business could stop Israeli jets bombing Gaza

Violence is never the answer ... Except

by Darren Cullen

Art by Darren Cullen