Meur ras

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Thank you for Peace News. Somehow, I have never before had a copy of my own to read. I picked up the August – September issue at a street stall in my home town of Truro, Cornwall, last Wednesday, 21 September.

Though I am a longstanding member of MAW, CAAT, CND, Amnesty and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Free Tibet, Stop the War, etc etc – somehow I have never come across Peace News.

I have spent the past week reading it, cover to cover, and very much enjoying the articles, review, analysis, etc etc.

I enclose a support form and cheque – and I am sharing my current copy with my sister and my son.

Like Bruce Kent, I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Coming from Merseyside, I have some Irish descent. And I have always been a fan of Bruce and his ‘gentle’ style of activism.