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Anti-war action

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Faslane Peace Camp Needs You!

For 29 years it has been the frontline against Britain’s nuclear weapons. We need Faslane Peace Camp!


Drone wars: UK week of action

Libya bombed by drones as activists call week of action against unmanned warfare.


Devonport blockaders’ victory

Five anti-Trident activists acquitted after prosecution fails to make adequate case.


Day out: parks

Between 1-8 June, 12 members of Orlando Food Not Bombs, in Florida US) were arrested for feeding too many homeless people from their stall.

Taking it lying down

On 18 May, the UK government announced its plan to spend several billion pounds over the next five years on new nuclear-armed submarines.


William Hathaway, Radical Peace. People Refusing War

Trine Day, 2010; 179pp; £9.23


Activists remember

On 19 March, the US “Stop These Wars” coalition, led by Veterans for Peace, sponsored a rally and protest at the White House, Washington DC, with over 1,500 people calling for an end to US war-maki

Courts jail

On 29 March, five “Disarm Now Plowshares” peace activists received jail sentences at Tacoma federal courthouse, Washington state, USA.


The UN special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, said on 8 April that the Pentagon was refusing to allow him a private interview with Bradley Manning, held for allegedly leaking secret US militar

Shannon conviction overturned

Irish peace activist Mary Kelly has won a six-year struggle to overturn a conviction for a $1m action against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.