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Rai, Milan

How to Set Up a Housing Co-op: a Taking Control workshop in Hastings

Peace News co-editor Emily Johns tells the story of Walden Pond Housing Co-op,


Editorial: Nukes, coups and referenda: myth and reality in the Ukraine crisis

Peace News co-editor Milan Rai analyses Ukraine, western hypocrisy, the role (not) played by nuclear weapons in the ongoing crisis, claims that the US organised a "fascist coup" in Ukraine, the "referendum" in Crimea, and the path away from war.


Whatever happened to the PN Winter Gathering?

There is a saying in the field of community development finance – providing credit to disadvantaged groups – that if you never have a bad loan (that isn’t re-paid), you aren’t doing it right.


Tony Benn: 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014

Labour party left-winger and committed peace activist Tony Benn was one of those dangerous figures who c


Mobilising empires for war

During the First World War, the great powers mobilised economic, human and military resources all over the world. They drew fighting men from all over the world into the conflict. They fought battles all over the world. The empires of the day threw their colonies and their colonial subjects into a war for supremacy.


Gatling gun gangsters go global

The European war against the world began long before 1914


It is impossible to stay disconnected!

An occupied Spanish social centre brings people together to struggle for their rights


Farewell Howard Clark

On 1 February, over 300 people squeezed into an auditorium in southern Madrid designed for half that number, to remember and celebrate the life of Howard Clark, a key figure in Peace News and


Editorial: Civil resister

Howard's proposal for a network of nonviolence study and action groups


Whatever happened to Turkey’s peace process?

The peace process between the Turkish government and the PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party) guerrilla movement which was revealed publicly in March seems to have slowed to a glacial pace.