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Jeff Cloves

Four wheels bad ... two wheels good

Phil Reardon (PN obit July/August) was a gem of a bloke “very much in the William Morris News From Nowhere tradition” as Howard Clark put it and his wonderfully inventive tract on

Radical common sense

Ever get that feeling that only you in the whole world cares for the things that you care about; that the rapaciousness of global capitalism knows no bounds; that every High Street looks like every

Worth the paper they're written on?

The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (www.un.org/right) was read daily at a “War & Peace” exhibition in the Friends' Meeting House in Nailsworth, Glos, during the last week of

Fear and loathing - and pacifism

This occasional column is a continuation of the one I wrote for Nonviolent Action and it's timely to revisit an issue that arose at NvA.

The beautiful boy

I've always liked Shelley's life: its passion, poetry and politics.

Death worse than fete

Do you remember Mr Major's now infamous vision of British (English, surely) life? Spinsters on bicycles pedalling to evensong, warm beer and cricket matches.

Apple pie order

The biggest bully I knew at school joined the police force. Even at age 16 I thought this entirely logical.