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Occupy movement

Occupy US

Tensions between Oakland’s police department and the city’s Occupy movement erupted once again in late January, as officers used tear gas on a group of over 1,000 protesters who were throwing rocks

Occupy UK update

Groups in CAPITALS were believed to be still occupying as PN went to press.

US Occupy remembers Martin Luther King

"Shut Down the Corporations Day" planned for 29 February


Occupy LSX appeals

High court rules on St Paul's occupation


Occupy Britain roundup

Which UK Occupations are still up and running?


Occupy diary glimpses from the north

Anna Harris on the occupations in Manchester and Bradford


Occupy US Resists

US movement battered but not yet broken


Occupy Diary

Natalia Grana reflects on the circumstances of her involvement with Occupy Manchester


Occupy Manchester

Natalia Grana writes from the occupation in the city centre.


Occupy London Stock Exchange, 15 Oct 2011

Photos and video from the start of Occupy London Stock Exchange.