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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Occupy PN!

Lucy Lant, Bristol

ImageI was really confused by your latest editorial on the Occupy mo

Tim Gee, Counter Power

New Internationalist. Oxford. 2011. 224 pp; £9.99


Editorial: Against capitalism or against “the system”?

What is it we are against and what is it that we are for? Questions that arise more sharply, perhaps, in the age of Occupy.


Revolutionary impatience?

Taxes for war — it's not just a case of whether to pay or not. Andreas Speck and Simon Heywood debate the merits of campaign strategies for effecting changes in the law.


Editorial: Energy crisis

“If it’s not revolutionary, it’s not our kind of nonviolence.”


Gene Sharp, From Democracy to Dictatorship: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

Housmans Bookshop, 2011; 94pp; £5.95 + p&p from Housmans, 0207 837 4473 or www.housmans.com


Climate Change? What do we do now?

PN's Wales editor reflects on the UK climate change movement


From tactics to strategy

We wanted this issue of Peace News to look at action and strategy, so this seemed a perfect little workshop plan for getting activists to consider where our exciting (and sometimes slightly barmy) tactics might fit into a wider blueprint. This plan is lifted in its entirety from George Lakey's Training for Change website.


Graham Carey, 'World out of control and the Inevitable revolution'

Published independently, 2003. For more information contact Graham Carey, 6 Granville Terrace, Bingley, W. Yorks, BD16 4HW, Britain. Tel +44 1274 568973; email c/o andrew@holytrinity.com


Simon Fisher, Dekha lbrahim Abdi, Jawed Ludin, Richard Smith, Steve Williams & Sue Williams, 'Working with Conflict: Skills and Strategies for Action'

Zed Books, London, in association with Responding to Conflict, Birmingham, 2000. ISBN 1 85649 837 9. 185 pp