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Andrew Smart, Beyond Zero and One: Machines, Psychedelics and Consciousness

OR Books, 2015; 268pp; £12


Bob Hughes, The Bleeding Edge – why technology turns toxic in an unequal world

New Internationalist, 2016; 336pp; £10.99


Emergency shelters

Alternative tech students study designs for use in Gaza and Nepal


Small is beautiful

Alternative technology festival held in Wales


Making meetings better – with eConvenor

How two activists learned to code from scratch in order to build an online tool to support activist groups


Fairphone forever!

The world’s first ethically-minded smartphone


Time to get a grip on technology!

Breaking the Frame, May 2014


Prying Prism

In June, a former CIA technical worker revealed US surveillance tactics, allowing the government access to phone records, individually stored data, and the servers of large social networking sites.

Txt it!

The uses of texting for activists


The Lucas Aerospace Plan

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