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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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A community of openness

Black leadership at Peace News Summer Camp


50 years ago: The curious dilemma of the American Negro

The South African political exile Lewis Nkosi, writing in Peace News in the period before he became a well-known author, drew on his experience of the South African struggle to criticise the analysis of African-American writer Louis Lomax in the latter’s book The Negro Revolt. This was part of PN’s wide-ranging coverage – by those involved – of the Civil Rights movement in the US in the ’60s.


Power, race and peace

An interview with the director of England’s Fellowship of Reconciliation


Smash Sameness

The Personal Column


What anti-oppression workshops should teach

One of the world’s leading activist trainers draws on decades of experience


Elizabeth ‘Betita’ Martinez, Matt Meyer and Mandy Carter (eds), 'We Have Not Been Moved. Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America'

PM Press and War Resisters League, 2012; 582 pages; £21.99


Michael Stewart, The Gypsy ‘Menace’: Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics

C Hurst & Co, 2012; 224pp; £18.95


Hoodies for Trayvon

On 21 March, Occupy activists joined thousands of others in Union Square Park, New York, to protest at the shooting dead of unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Go, move, shift!

Charlotte Potter-Powell examines the purpose and effect of solidarity actions at Dale Farm as the barricades rise higher around the Travellers’ site in Essex.


Activism and... Being black

I suppose one of the things is that I don't see myself as “black”. I don't give myself a label. I'm just trying to stay alive, and do the things that can make that happen.