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Can we stop saying ‘white privilege’ so often?

Middle-class activists often don’t see that their version of anti-racism can be classist


Wanted: a healthy anti-racist white identity

If you don’t want white nationalists to recruit clueless young white people, you need to create a movement that welcomes clueless young white people


Racial justice work with heart, not a hammer

Two white anti-racist educators argue for a different approach to working with white folk 


The Romans weren’t all white

The Roman empire - Britain included - was culturally and ethnically diverse


A note for readers of colour

This issue isn't just for white people, says Milan Rai


Unheard Jewish voices

Some responses to the recent EHRC report and the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn


BLM £1.2m

In October, the official UK branch of Black Lives Matter revealed that it was about to gain access to £1.2m it had raised through GoFundMe, an online crowdfunding platform.

Editorial: Can we commit to becoming anti-racist organisations?

It’s only by rooting out racism and establishing genuine equality and racial justice that we'll be able to bring about deep changes in our society, argues Milan Rai


Johny Pitts, Afropean: Notes from Black Europe

Penguin, 2019; 416pp; £10.99


Has BLM affected the peace movement?

PN surveyed over 100 peace activists on the impact of Black Lives Matter