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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Neal Stephenson, 'Zodiac'

Arrow Books, 1988; ISBN 0 09 941552 6; 291pp; £7


Save our deep seas: stop the strip-mining of deep-sea biological diversity

Mars calling Earth: “what is all that blue stuff?”

Stormy weather

Between 1969 and 1977 Paul Watson was involved in the groups and actions that would spawn Greenpeace International.

Dispute in the South China Sea

Territorial disputes have torn the South China Sea region over recent decades.

Russian activists take on corporations and military

In spite of mounting state repression of campaign groups - the spurious arrests of ecological activists, the death in suspicious circumstances of Mr Shekochikhin, the Minister of Defence a

Steven Schofield, 'Peace and Prosperity: Transition from Permanent Military Economy to Advanced Civil Economy'

published by and obtainable from Peace and Prosperity, PO Box 6, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 0XB, Britain; also available via http://www.peaceandprosperity.org.uk ISBN 0 9541814 0 9; 176 pp; £8.99


Ecotopia: a future with a long past

Most radical thought and action about the environment could be described as “utopian”, since it envisages a radically different society with strongly sustainable development where the inte

Benjamin Seel, Matthew Paterson and Brian Doherty (eds), 'Direct Action in British Environmentalism'

Routledge 2000. ISBN 0 415242460, £17.99


Alex Begg, 'Empowering the Earth'

Green Books, 2000. ISBN 1 870098 92 7. 299pp. £10.95


Dr Rosalie Bertell, 'Planet Earth The Latest Weapon of War: A Critical Study into the Military and the Environment'

The Women's Press Ltd, 2000