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Road protests resurgent

Recent months have seen an upsurge in activity within the road protest movement, particularly in Scotland, reinforcing existing camps and campaigns - such as the ongoing occupation of Bilston Wood

Damned Iceland

The Saving Iceland campaign began in 2003, when the Icelandic government bypassed a series of laws in order to allow the national power company, Landsvirkjun, to build a gigantic hydroelect

Whalers under pressure from NVDA

In December and January activists from environmental groups Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd battled with a Japanese whaling fleet in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica.

Shell hell in Ireland

For several years a consortium consisting of Shell, Statoil, and Marathon have attempted to build an unprecedented high-pressure up-stream raw gas pipeline going 9 kilometres inland to a refinery i

Activists threatened with deportation

International activists taking peaceful action against the Alcoa Dam in Iceland are at risk of being deported from the country following the passing of a new law which came into force on 13 August.

Greenwash Guerillas

Joe Sherman, 'Gasp! The swift and terrible beauty of Air'

Shoemaker & Hoard 2004; ISBN 1 5937 6025 6


A dramatic evolution

In October PN met up with former Greenpeace director Rex Weyler while he was in Britain promoting his new history of the international campaign organisation. Tensions in tactics, the need to put the "peace" back into organisation's campaigns focus, and the importance of learning from our own histories, all got an airing.


Rex Weyler, 'Greenpeace: An Insider's Account'

Rodale / Pan Macmillan, 2004; ISBN 1 4050 7735 2; Hb £18.99; 600pp


Eco-campaign against toxic missile burning

A protest camp against the incinerating of ballistic missiles took place from the beginning of July to the end of August in the central Russian city of Perm.