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Should we 'call people out'? Or call them in?

How should a white anti-racist respond to racist remarks by another white person?


Class matters

Behind the scenes of two outstanding books about classism – the second part of our interview with Betsy Leondar-Wright


Facing up to classism can help build stronger groups and stronger movements

The first part of an interview with author, trainer and activist Betsy Leondar-Wright


Peter Fleming, The Mythology of Work: How Capitalism Persists Despite Itself

Pluto, 2015; 224pp; £16


What they say about poor girls

An excerpt from a ground-breaking book on class oppression in the US


Class attitudes

A long-time activist recalls an example of different class cultures


Betsy Leondar-Wright, Missing Class: How Seeing Class Cultures Can Strengthen Social Movement Groups

Cornell University Press, 2014; 288pp; £12.95


What anti-oppression workshops should teach

One of the world’s leading activist trainers draws on decades of experience


FEX: Funding the revolution

Radical philanthropy shares power with activists


Obscene amounts of money

The government boosted company profits, while increasing inequality and global hunger