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Armed Forces

Military families to descend on parliament

As Peace News goes to press, Military Families Against the War (MFAW) are preparing to descend on parliament to lobby their MPs.

Thinking of joining the army? Think twice!

On Sunday 12 February, peace activists with the Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education Network (INNATE) lobbied a British Army recruitment fair at the Kinnegar base, in

Sam Mendes (dir) ' Jarhead'

On general release; cert 15; 123 mins


Military families hopeful

On 24 November, six members of Military Families Against the War applied at the High Court in London for permission for a full judicial review of the government's refusal, last May, to orde

Death worse than fete

Do you remember Mr Major's now infamous vision of British (English, surely) life? Spinsters on bicycles pedalling to evensong, warm beer and cricket matches.

Apple pie order

The biggest bully I knew at school joined the police force. Even at age 16 I thought this entirely logical.

Love your enemy - everyone can change: Sir Jock Stirrup

Well m'darlings, today's Easter love-your-enemy-bunny is Sir Jock Stirrup. I kid you not.

The soldiers at my front door

I live in a tiny, remote, impoverished, three-block-long town in the desert of north eastern New Mexico.

Countering the pro-war campaign

San Diego County in California is home to not only one of the largest military installations in the world, but also the second-largest Iraqi population in the US.

"Little carts" and "little bells": child soldiers in Colombia

Between 6,000 and 14,000 children are currently being used as soldiers by non-state armed groups, paramilitaries or militias.