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King and Malcolm X

Two figures towered over Black America in the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr called for racial integration, for nonviolence, for love of the enemy.

William Blake 250 anniversary: The SOCPA scene in his time...

In 1795... there were treason trials and transportations, while the threat of execution was stayed only by juries who refused to condemn their countrymen for their opinions.

Remembering the Falklands on Epynt Mountain

On Saturday 23 June, more than forty people gathered to repent the use of Epynt Mountain as a military training ground prior to the Falklands war.

Slavery, rebellion, abolition

A myth is being created. The myth of William Wilberforce, the great white liberator, as perpetuated by Amazing Grace, the Hollywood version of the abolition of the slave trade.

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Vietnam War refuser wins Medal of Freedom from Chicken Hawk

Anti-war activists have always pondered the irony of boxing champion Muhammad Ali having claimed conscientious objector status when he was drafted for the Vietnam War.

Marc Rothermund (dir), 'Sophie Scholl - The Final Days (Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage)'

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