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European City of Shame 2010



First prize in the Copenhagen Greenwash Awards must go to Siemens and Coca-Cola for branding the host city “Hopenhagen”.

Are we serious?

An angry reflection on the Climate Justice Action protest in Copenhagen


Peace News in India

Milan Rai reports from the WRI Triennial in India


Welcoming NATO

One person’s experience of the NATO parliamentary summit



Five of us crammed into the car, sleeping bags and picnic piled high on our laps.

More nuclear-free footsteps

This summer I participated in my third International Walk for a Nuclear-Free Future, from Geneva to Brussels.


It was on 27 May two years ago that the town of Haji Nabu in Afghanistan was bombed, and a wedding party was destroyed, killing 47 people. Many were women and children.

(Odd)socking it to 'em in Strasbourg

At the beginning of April, as London preoccupied itself with the G20, and the Met was busy batoning and shoving over peaceful protestors and newspaper vendors, I travelled to Strasbourg, F

A leading US activist reports from Gaza The Strongest Weapon of All

19 January 2009: Dr Atallah, a physician in Gaza, invited us to meet him in his home in Gaza City, just a few blocks away from the Shifaa Hospital.