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Social Struggles

It is impossible to stay disconnected!

An occupied Spanish social centre brings people together to struggle for their rights


Jacky Davis and Raymond Tallis (eds): NHS SOS: How The NHS Was Betrayed – And How We Can Save It

Oneworld, 2013; 288pp; £8.99


Andrew Boyd (ed), 'Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution'

OR Books, 2012; 474pp; £16


Michael Stewart, The Gypsy ‘Menace’: Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics

C Hurst & Co, 2012; 224pp; £18.95


No more mortgage suicides!

Spain’s social movements struggle for housing justice.


How green are our valleys? Around and about the fair country

Kelvin Mason surveys the Welsh activist scene


April Carter, People Power and Political Change: Key Issues and Concepts

Routledge, 2011; 207pp; £23.99


Paul Mason, Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions

Verso, 2012; 237pp; £12.99


Cwtch Community Centre evicted - down but not out

"No reason for the story to end here" say activists.


Claimant wins

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP), a claimants group based at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, is claiming ìa potentially crucial victoryî in the struggle of unemployed people to defend