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The delegate prepares herself

Maya Evans gets ready to travel to Afghanistan later this year.


Afghanistan: truth from the embers

A call for all anti-war activists to expose three lies about the Afghan war


More lost by the second

Kathy Kelly on courtyard life and courtyard death in Pakistan and Afghanistan


Listen up!

On 21 September, there will be a seventh Global Day of Listening for the entire 24 hours (GMT).

Death by drone

160 children killed in Pakistan


Afghanistan: no time-table, no peace

Though barely reported in the mainstream press, evidence continues to mount that US, not Taliban, intransigence is the real barrier to a peace deal to end the war in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan: decade of deceit

PN examines three central lies at the heart of the latest Afghan war.



Established in 1977, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is an independent women’s organisation fighting for human rights and social justice in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan through the Media Lens

Ian Sinclair spoke recently to the radical watchdog Media Lens about the media’s role in the escalating war in Afghanistan


Tricycle targets

Ian Sinclair, London

Described by one Pentagon adviser as an “industrial scale counter-terrorism killing machine”, the US’s ongoing Kill-Capture campaign in Afghanistan has killed over 3000 Taliban fighters in the last