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UK spends £2bn on MoD drones – commits £2bn more

There's more and more information and protest about military drones.


Afghanistan: drones versus peace

On the eleventh anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, a new opportunity for a negotiated solution is being blocked.


Bradley Manning

On 25 July, exactly two years after the WikiLeaks release of the Afghan war diaries, the following banners were unfurled at the summit of Snowdon in Wales: ‘Free Bradley Manning’, ‘Don’t shoot the

Lawyers challenge UK over Afghan 'kill list'

Afghan bank worker pursues judicial review over assassinations


Withdrawal de-escalating Afghan war - report

Partial US troop withdrawal leads to drop in Taliban attacks


Legal action stops Afghan torture transfers

Even as Afghanistan introduces its own system of internment – and the UK seeks to circumvent high court restrictions aimed at preventing the torture of detainees – activists and lawyers in the UK have succeeded in temporarily halting the transfer of prisoners from British forces to the Afghan secret police.


‘Afghanising’ the occupation

'Withdrawal' of US and UK troops from Afghanistan will not end harsh detention regime.


Taliban suspends peace talks as US fails to make confidence-building move

Peace New's war news reporter on developments in the 'peace talks' process


Kabul at work

PN looks at the remarkable work of Afghan graffitti artist Shamsia Hassani


Torture, drones and assassination

Will the US nix the Taliban's latest peace move?