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The US finally agrees to direct talks with the Taliban, as demanded by the Afghan people

As PN entered production, news broke of dramatic developments in the Afghan conflict. The Taliban were finally admitted to talks with the US government and the Afghan government, something polls show that the Afghan people have long desired. 


Two weeks with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

A member of the first Voices for Creative Vonviolence UK delegation to Afghanistan on the APV's vision for a peace Afghanistan


‘This is victory’

NATO clarify plans for continuing the occupation after 2014


Kabul winter appeal

Thousands of kilos of aid is delivered.


Peace across borders: VCNV UK in Afghanistan

In early January, a delegation of British women from Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK (VCNV UK) returned from a two-week peace delegation in Afghanistan (see PN 2552-2553). 


Jonathan Steele, Ghosts of Afghanistan: The Haunted Battleground

Portobello Books, 2012; 448pp; £9.99


Live adventurously, go to Afghanistan

Susan Clarkson describes her preparation process for a journey of solidarity.


UK torture transfers

Can a 'known torturer' and drug dealer be expected to uphold human rights? The British government thinks so.


Support the Peace News Kabul Winter Appeal

Help Afghan families this winter.


345 drone strikes: four civilians dead?

Are the UK government's figures on drone casualties really credible?