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Editorial: Unfinished business

It is hard to believe that, just ten years after the genocide in Rwanda, new reports of massacres against Tutsis by Hutus have started coming in.

The return

As Ariana flight 404 from Dubai touched down at Kabul International Airport, its applauding passengers straining to locate family members among those standing on top of the arrivals buildi

It is my wish that there will be a new battle in Afghanistan - the battle of the pen.

In April Marnie Smith travelled to Pakistan where she discovered Afghanistan's refugee communities finding hope for peace through education.


The path to democracy?

Just how much freedom have women in Afghanistan actually gained since the interim government was put in place late last year, and what is the prospect for real change for them to become ci

From protest to resistance: War resistance after 11 September

While we are writing this, Britain - where we WRI workers live - and the US are dropping bombs on Afghanistan: it is the first weeks of the “war on terrorism”.

Editorial: Moving out of the "comfort zone"

So, what hasn't been said? And who hasn't yet said something, anything, however repetitive, however vacuous, however well-meant, about the war in Afghanistan?