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War resisters

The alternative

Since 1991, the democratically oriented public in Russia had advocated for the legal regulation of an alternative civil service as a substitute for military service by conscription.

Imprisoned refuser pays tribute

“In prison, when I am forced to salute state and army, I shall, in my mind and heart, be saluting all my brave friends ...

Peter Brock, 'The Black Flower: One Man's Memory of Prison Sixty Years After'

Sessions of York, 2001. ISBN 1 85072 269 2, 124pp, 5


En legitima desobediencia: tres decades de objection, insurmision y antimilitarismo

MOC/proyecto editorial traficantes de suenos


Yesh Gvul: a uniquely Israeli innovation in the culture of protest

At the time of writing, 42 Israeli soldiers - conscripts and reservists - are serving sentences in military prisons after refusing to take part in the campaign of repression against the Pa

What does it mean to be an antimilitarist?

It is complicated enough discussing what it means to be an antimilitarist in a country like Colombia, but even worse because although antimilitarism is something that I share and promote,

The home front: a white woman against apartheid and conscription

The most telling image of my adolescence in 1980s South Africa was the silhouette of a war memorial, like many found all over the world, listing the names of soldiers killed defending our

Here I stand

A moral imperative or a political strategy? Howard Clark examines the role of conscientious objection in relation to the wider antimilitarist struggle.


Israeli COs: refusing to kill

Between December 2001 and PN going to press, at least 11 Israeli and Druse men spent time in military prisons for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

The Great Escape! - campaigning in support of a total objector in Finland

On 23 August a Finnish antimilitarist civil disobedience group - The Wall Breakers - symbolically attempted to rescue a total objector from prison.