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Climate activists tell Scottish govt: “Get on yer bike!”

Scots call for increased funding for walking and cycling


On your bike

Roy St Pierre, Lancashire

ImageI think how we travel is a peace issue (think daily carnage on th

The Aviation Justice Express

British climate change activists blocked from entering the US


Carbon Cycle 2011

Welsh activists take action on transport.


Solidarity and humility

Michael Pooler reflects on the “Pedal: 100 Days to Palestine” project that took him to communities of change and resistance across Europe


Military conversion

Peace News last visited the Slovenian long-lived social centre, Metelkova, in 1995. Michael Pooler stopped by when the PEDAL: 100 Days to Palestine cycle ride to Palestine passed through last month.


Ian Roberts & Phil Edwards, The Energy Glut. The Politics of Fatness in an Overheating World

Zed Books, 2010; 182pp; £14.99


Cranking out the joy

Over 20% of all UK carbon emissions come from cars & lorries. The first mile of every car journey produces a disproportionately high level of CO2 and one in four car journeys is less than two miles. There is a simple solution on two wheels.


The rise and rise of the movement against road building

Why is road building back on the agenda after the infamous protests against road building in the 1990s forced a dramatic turn around in government transport policy away from building roads?

Stop the short haul

I first met Plane Stupid in November 2005, at a protest outside a conference gala dinner for aviation executives on London's TowerBridge.