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Zombie roads rise again in Hastings

Tories resuscitate long-dead road schemes.


Fly and be Damned

Peter McManners, Fly and be Damned: What Now For Aviation and Climate Change (Zed, 2012; 168pp; £14.99


Sweet special places

A Hastings Alliance speech at the Combe Haven Defenders' camp.


Combe Haven Defenders

A warning of things to come: a temporary anti-road camp on the South Coast


Defeat Osborne’s road follies

One of Britain's most effective environmentalists explains how the government's roads programme could be stopped in its tracks at the very beginning.


Biased bike worship

Tony Augarde, Oxford

ImageOh dear, not another diatribe

Parking the car... for good!

Bicycology not automobility


Bike more!

Also in London, Bikes Alive, the cyclists’ direct action campaign, announced a ‘spring defensive’ to protect cyclists and pedestrians on the capital’s roads.

Parking the Car... for Good

Rather than trying to mitigate against the numerous problems posed by cars why not try to get rid of them altogether?


Two wings bad

Tony Augarde, Oxford

ImageRoy St Pierre (PN 2540-41) suggests that there is a simple solu