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Radical Music: 'Boris you're bonkers'

Penny Stone takes to the street to defend UK parliamentary democracy


Radical books for children and adults

PN surveys the winners and shortlists of two British radical book prizes


Fun Palaces: politics of delight

Emily Johns celebrates Joan Littlewood's 'university of the streets'


Dave Randall, Sound System: The Political Power of Music

Pluto Press, 2017; 224pp; £12.99


Radical Music: 'Zog Nit Keyn Mol'

Using song to resist the dehumanisation of marginalised communities


SJOKK in Aberytwyth

Radical choirs make waves in Aberystwyth


A flavour of the Arabic world

Barbara Lindsay


Radical Music: 'Turn! Turn! Turn!'

Penny Stone celebrates the music of Pete Seeger


Remember Hiroshima

The shadow collector


Poynted remarks

How feminist is Star Trek?