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Nepal tension

The dire state of the stagnating Nepali peace process provoked a visit from straight-talking UN undersecretary-general for political affairs, B. Lynn Pascoe.

Nepal crisis

The clock is ticking.

Nepal in crisis

In early December, police attacked unauthorised communities in the Dudhejhadi forest in Kailali district, western Nepal, killing five squatters and destroying thousands of homes.

Nepal in crisis

Alarm was raised about the state of the Nepali peace process on 20 November, the third anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which brought ten years of bitter civil war to an end.

Nepal tensions

The Nepali peace process is now under enormous pressure as the government seeks the renegotiation of the 2006 peace accord (to disadvantage the Maoist former guerrillas), and the Maoists block the


I thought this would be a vox pop bit in Peace News but as it goes, I am beginning to feel weirder and weirder about walking around with a pen and a little notebook in my hand asking peopl

King gone!

On 28 May king Gyanendra became the last king of Nepal, bringing an end to the 239-year-old-monarchy.

Elections in peril

Nepal's hopes of a successful peace process depend on constituent assembly elections scheduled for 10 April. These are in doubt as the result of violence and intimidation.

Good News: There's been much to celebrate in Nepal recently

Not only did the Nepali democracy movement manage to effectively de-throne the hated King Gyanendra (see p4), but an historic ruling in December saw the Supreme Court legitimise gay rights in the K

Nepal one year on

The demonstrations had been going for a couple of days, and my middle class ass was feeling impatient to join "the masses" and engage in the united protests against over 230 years of medie