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Anti-war action

Military families to descend on parliament

As Peace News goes to press, Military Families Against the War (MFAW) are preparing to descend on parliament to lobby their MPs.

Hit the road, Bob

At April's blockade, in addition to the regular presence at the construction traffic's main entrance to AWE Aldermaston, Block the Builders decided to deploy their “away team” on a visit to

Ireland marks Easter Rising with parades and protests

On 16 April, tens of thousands of people marked the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising against British rule at a massive parade in Dublin.

Can you do laughs when the agenda is real heavy?

A week or so ago the Local Heroes affinity group conducted a gentle forensic raid on the Labour Office in Airdrie, in order to out a dubious hombre by the name of John Reid who has been lin

...and the trials of the "unauthorised" continue

On 16 March, Milan Rai, author, activist and founder of Justice Not Vengeance, went on trial for organising an unauthorised demonstration within the 1-km exclusion zone around parliament on

Arms producers slammed as injunction is lifted

After months or torturous legal proceedings, harassment and imprisonment, good news from Brighton's SmashEDO as, in March, the legal cases brought against them began to crumble.

West Country launch new Trident campaign

A county-wide campaign against the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system has taken off in Somerset.

Iraq War: Global opposition persists

On the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, protesters coordinated events around the globe to demonstrate their continued opposition.

Two arrests after no surrender on pink "war criminal" banner

In the early afternoon of Sunday 26 March, Brian Haw was standing with fellow campaigner Barbara Tucker when the police came by and decided that a crime was being committed.

Vine and Fig Tree Planters given suspended sentence

On 7 February, eight of us appeared at Newbury Magistrates' Court for planting vines and fig trees inside the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston last August (see PN2465).