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UK at the heart of EU! Selling out renewable energy

Jill Evans MEP questions the EU's support for nuclear power


Fossils fuelled

Fossil-fuel consumers worldwide received about six times more state subsidies last year than were given to the renewable-energy industry, the International Energy Agency said on 9 November.

Kicking Merthyr while it's down!

Anyone heard of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC)? No, neither had we until recently.

Opencast attack

In mid-March, activists at the Happendon Wood Action Camp disrupted the South Lanarkshire council planning committee meeting that gave approval to Scottish Coal’s plans to develop Happendon Wood fo

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Editorial: At the flick of a switch...

As the government opened the public phase of its energy review at the end of January, ministers were busy warning that “doing nothing is not an option”.

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