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Nuclear Weapons

Behind the wire: UK's porky pies at the NPT

As the UK delegation to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference pack their suitcases, their speeches on verification and a shiny new presentation about some decommissio

NPT resources

The Blackaby Papers are a series of occasional papers on defence and disarmament issues in memory of Frank Blackaby, sometime president of Abolition2000UK.

500 go mad in Belgium

At least 500 international activists were arrested on 16 April after a thousand gathered in Belgium to carry out a “citizens' nuclear weapons inspection”.

A massive police presence greeted

Providing an example

The dismantling of the model Trident submarine in Edinburgh on 10 March (see news item on p2) was a dramatic performance in which different elements, with varying degrees of willingness, p

Devonport disarmament camp

May is the month of the review of the NPT in New York and we are calling all those activists with a wish for social justice to join the protests in Plymouth.

Greenpeace takes action for a "nuclear free future"

On Monday 15 March a shipment of US weapons grade plutonium fuel (MOX) set out on the first leg of its journey from the Areva plutonium factory in France to the US port of Charleston, Sout

Happy birthday!

Scottish police dismantle Trident sub

Early on 11 March officers from Lothian and Borders Police dismantled a large model Trident nuclear weapon submarine which had blocked the street outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for 14

Love your enemy - everyone can change: Kevin Stanley Beeston

Well my lovelies, this month we're meeting mister Kevin Stanley Beeston.

MSP jailed

Central Scotland MSP Carolyn Leckie was sentenced to seven days imprisonment for refusing to pay a £100 fine for taking part in a blockade of Faslane naval base back in February 2002.