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Nuclear Weapons

Campaign Profile: Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp (AWPC)

AWPC is a women-only anti-nuclear, anti-war group based around a monthly peace camp at the Atomic Weapons Establishment(AWE) Aldermaston, the UK's nuclear weapons factory.

Just doing our jobs

On 5 December, ten anti-Trident activists were each fined a total of £300 by a Scottish Sheriff who takes a dim view of people not doing exactly what the police tell them on every

Warhead convoy hits roads again

Oxford CND members and Nukewatchers snapped this Trident nuclear weapon warhead carrier travelling north on the A34 at Botley, at 1.15pm on 9 November.

Aldermaston: another small victory

Anti-nuclear campaigners celebrated another small victory on 23 November, as the West Berkshire Eastern Area Planning Committee voted to defer a decision on whether to support AWE Aldermast

Obstructing the war machine at Derby

The shiny image of Rolls Royce was been somewhat tarnished at the end of October, after a group of determined protesters from across the country spent three days getting under the skin of t

Kate Hudson, 'CND - Now More than Ever, the Story of a Peace Movement'

Vision Paperbacks, 2005; ISBN 1 904132 69 3; £10.99


The laser has landed...

Well maybe not. Plans to build a £20 million state-of-the-art laser facility at Aldermaston are beginning to unravel.

The questions themselves

I must love the questions themselves, as Rilke said, like locked rooms full of treasure, to which my blind, and groping key, does not yet fit.

Editorial: Plenty of places to start

Having worked as Editorial Assistant at Peace News for a year now, I've witnessed the hard work and dedication that goes into every issue.

Faslane G8

Kicking off the G8 week in style, an estimated 2,000 people participated in a particularly “big” blockade at the Faslane naval base, home to Britain's four nuclear powered - and armed - Tr