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Nuclear Weapons

North Korea's nuclear fart

It might have been described in North Korea as a “happy” test, but North Korea's nuclear explosion on 9 October was deeply sad.

Trident missile hits Taunton town centre

On Saturday 7 October, a full sized replica Trident missile found its way onto the streets of Taunton.

Founding principles

Frances Laing talks to Joan Meredith, founder member of Trident Ploughshares, following her arrest at Faslane 365 in October.

Two days of action at USAF base

On 1 October, 200 people descended on USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. The airbase is believed to be home to around 110 US nuclear weapons of vital strategic importance to the US military.

Resources and further info

  • Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy: Regularly updated information and briefings available at http://www.acronym.or

Anti-nuclear campaigners say "non"!

On 23 September an estimated 1,000 people converged on France's nuclear weapons facility at Les Landes in the south-west of the country to carry out a European “citizens' inspection”.

Faith in Trident?

The campaign to stop the next generation of nuclear weapons has received a lot of support - in particular from faith communities.

Ann Petitt, 'Walking to Greenham: How the Peacecamp began and the Cold War ended'

Honno 2006; ISBN 1 870206 76 2; 310pp; £8.99


Pushing the debate

Hard on the heels of the great victory at the TUC -- an overwhelming vote in support of an RMT resolution against replacing Trident -- the issue has, however, been kept off the agenda at th

David Fairhill, 'Common Ground: The Story of Greenham'

IB Tauris, 2006; ISBN 1 84511 286 5, Hb; 216pp, £18.99