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Nuclear Weapons

Four Green MEPs arrested at Belgian nuclear base

Action challenges EU countries to expel US nukes


Say yes to INF

On 1 February, the US government announced that it was no longer bound by the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, and that it would withdraw completely in August.

Giving Trident notice

An independent Scotland should give the UK government a strict deadline for removing the Trident from Scottish soil.

Blockaders on trial

Anti-nuke campaigners in court this April


Two minutes to midnight

Doomsday clock still 'closest it has ever been to apocalypse'


Some things to forget about Korea

Milan Rai recaps the history of US nuclear threats against North Korea


Bruce Kent: As I please

'We've got to have the bloody Union Jack on top of it!'


Peace Train

Aberystwyth campaigner delivers anti-nuke petition to PM


TP blockades Burghfield bomb factory

Nine charged after anti-nuke action



In mid-September, Voices for Creative Nonviolence US held an eight-day ‘Disarm Trident’ peace walk along the east coast of the USA.